Hello again, SF cinephiles!

This walk was a lovely one I did for Pride weekend last year, and is a wonderful way to remember the life of Harvey Milk because it was shot in many of the same locations where he worked and campaigned during his life.  Of course, the excellent Oscar®-winning documentary The Times of Harvey Milk goes into further detail about the history of SF and him, but this walk concentrates on the shooting locations of the Gus Van Sant film that earned Sean Penn his second Academy Award and an Original Screenplay award for Dustin Lance Black (who was born in Sacramento).

This is also the easiest of the movie walks I’ve done so if you’re waiting for things to be safer before you take these on, I would definitely recommend doing this one first as a way to get your feet wet.  It’s still a hike, but a manageable one, especially for those of us who’ve been staying indoors for so long.  I hope you’re having a safe holiday but one still filled with joy, reflection, and a love of movies.