Hello again everyone!

I’ve often played around with the notion of bundling multiple films in a single SF MovieWalk. A David Fincher double feature?  A Marvel Comics franchise jaunt?

And while those still may happen, the only one I’ve ever done is this Humphrey Bogart two-fer, though they originate from very different directions. For while THE MALTESE FALCON (1941) takes place in San Francisco, it wasn’t actually shot here. But the place names, the street and establishment references, plus Dashiel Hammett’s own personal history made for a lot of great story “locations” to explore.

On the other hand, DARK PASSAGE (1947) was shot here– in locations familiar to film fans but some other neighborhoods too. So threading these two films together in a single walk was a challenge but a fun one. So enjoy the views, plus, you get to see perhaps the only historical marker that commemorates a fictional event, and an iconic prop that, even if just a reproduction, is one that not many cinephiles have probably even visited (and with the current restaurant lockdown, this is the closest you’ll get to seeing it…for now).

I’ve put (MF) or (DP) on each post to indicate which film is being referenced at each spot. This was also my first Walk of B&W films but also not the last.

Stay safe and thanks for tagging along.


And here’s the route, minus the final half-mile leg. Note to self: the length is deceptive because there are a ton of hills plus 750+ stairs to ascend. Great fun, though.