We appreciate, respect, and honor the vibrant diversity and viewpoints of our world community of guests and staff and hold steadfast in a commitment to freedom of creative expression. We encourage the open exchange of ideas and perspectives in a mutually respectful environment that provides guests and staff with a safe and enjoyable experience while attending our film festivals, theaters, and events.

We ask that everyone—artists, audiences, volunteers, press, industry, staff, board members, and beyond—maintain an environment that is welcoming to all by being:

  • Inclusive and respectful of people of every race, ethnicity, gender identity/expression, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age, physical appearance and body size, language spoken, and immigration or economic status
  • Intentional with your words and abstaining from hate speech of any kind and abusive or offensive language or images, including the abuse of chat or similar electronic communications
  • Mindful of the personal space and boundaries of others by avoiding unwelcome, unlawful attention, including sexual harassment and harassment of any kind, stalking, and inappropriate physical contact of any kind
  • Respectful of moderators, artists, and audience members by refraining from disruption of screenings, sessions, talks, or other events
  • Considerate of the health and safety of others by complying with all COVID-19 requirements and all other health and safety protocols

The Code of Conduct covers all events and venues including, but not limited to, the DocLands Documentary Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, CFI Education programs, the Smith Rafael Film Center, special screenings, our physical and virtual offices, and in all CAFilm digital spaces.

We ask that any person who witnesses or experiences a violation of this Code of Conduct should immediately contact a CFI staff member or email [email protected]. Please bear in mind that notifying us does not constitute or replace notifying law enforcement.

CFI will review all incidents that violate our Code of Conduct in a timely and equitable manner. We reserve the right to immediately remove, and permanently ban, any person from an event or venue for violations of this Code of Conduct, including the revocation of membership, tickets, passes and other privileges.