Top 5 Movies To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving



5. The House of Yes


This is truly a movie to be thankful for because no matter how bad it gets this Thanksgiving, at least your family is probably not a incestious murdering bunch of bored rich lunatics who are obsessed with recreating the JFK assassination as a form of play time.

House of Yes


4. The Ice Storm

I always wondered what Thanksgiving was like in the 1970’s. Thanks to Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm, now I know a little bit too much about what my parents were up to. I guess Thanksgiving was a time for sexual experimentation, adultery, and alcoholism, all occurring in one extremely awkward and uncomfortable Thanksgiving key party ( you know, a party where you put your keys in a bowl and see who gets to, lets say, drive you home that night). I’m Thankful key parties are a thing of the past.

3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles


If you’re like me, you can probably predict the foreseeable future: your Thanksgiving travel plans will be hectic and full of delays.  But this John Hughes film will make you thankful that at least it will probably not be a series of misadventures as Steve Martin and John Candy have it. As the two unlikely pair travel from New York to Chicago for Thanksgiving, they are met with some seriously hilariously bad misfortunes along the 3 day journey.



2. Pieces of April

Do you remember the first time you tried to be an actual adult and host a Thanksgiving dinner? I do. And I’m thankful that it was nothing like April’s attempt at assembling a dinner.
Though everyone involved is highly dysfunctional and truly dislike each other, this movie has heart without getting too caught up in “family togetherness” sappy cliches. Not only did it debut in Sundance, but the great Patricia Clarkson was nominated for an Academy Award for her role, as the mother living with terminal breast cancer.



1. Home For The Holidays

I took a vote in the office, and everyone agreed that this one is the ultimate Thanksgiving Comedy-Drama. I’m thankful that everyone here agrees with me. The cast is incredible! Robert Downey Jr is on fire as the lovable, masterful instigator of arguments, with no filter and never PC, hyperactive, and nosey little brother, who also is our protagonist’s only ally. The dry wit and surprising twists and turns makes this movie even a great one to watch with relatives.




One thing I just have to note. Does anyone else notice that we don’t have any movies on this list from the last 10 years? What happened to Thanksgiving movie? Have they disappeared?  If you have any favorites from 2004-2014, shout them out in the comment section below. 



Enjoy Thanksgiving everyone! And remember, it only comes once a year.

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