But Really. What DO We Do In The Shadows?

Good thing we finally have real footage of Vampires in their natural habitat thanks to the brilliant documentary called “What We Do In The Shadows”. We now know that Vampires don’t hate all humans, but they do hate all Werewolves – though, they do not consider themselves racist against Werewolves, they just don’t like them.

Looks like New Zealand Vampires don’t quite live the life that we imagined they would. From the daily roommate arguments, coordinating outfits, washing the dishes, and trying to get invited into night clubs, looks like immortality is not all its cracked up to be.

A few things to remember if you ever happen to come across a New Zealand Vampire:

1. They are just trying to fit in, so be kind and invite them in

2. Vampires love love. If one invites you over for dinner, say yes!

3. Always remember that Vampires are people too, and you need to accept them for who they are

4. Its not easy being a Vampire, so if you can, they are always grateful if you help with daily house chores

5. They can get lonely sometimes. In order to make quick friends with a Vampire, introduce them to the internet and such things as Skype or Facebook!


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