Spotlight VS Tribute

Sometimes its hard to distinguish a Spotlight from a Tribute. The Mill Valley Film Festival is here to help.


Spotlights are awards given to Actors, Actresses, and Directors that are making waves in the industry. They are among the emerging talent, and we offer them an award for their recent achievements and the potential we see in them to continue great work for many years to come. Their careers have launched due to their versatile talent and presence on screen, as they take on interesting and challenging roles.


Past Spotlights have included:


Clive Owen – MVFF32

James Franco – MVFF33

Elizabeth Olsen – MVFF34

Michelle Yeoh – MVFF34

John Hawkes – MVFF35

Billy Bob Thorton – MVFF35

Jared Leto – MVFF36

This year we honor Elle Fanning for her achievement in film


Tributes are a time to honor the iconic Actors, Actresses, and Directors we all know and love. They have honed their craft for many year and we have watch them achieve greatness. We present them with The Mill Valley Film Festival Award.


Past Tributes have included:

Ang Lee – MVFF30

Woody Harrelson – MVFF32

Uma Thurman – MVFF32

Annette Bening – MVFF33

Edward Norton – MVFF33

Glen Close – MVFF34

Dustin Hoffman – MVFF35

Mira Nair – MVFF35

Ben Stiller – MVFF36


This year, we honor Laura Dern for her achievement in film.

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