My Place | My Story Premiere

My Place | My Story

CFI Education’s My Place | My Story Student Filmmaker Premiere

Imagine sharing the thing that is most personal to you. Now imagine sharing it on the big screen in front of your family, friends and strangers. That is what five students did at the My Place | My Story premiere at the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center in March.

The students shared their deeply personal experiences from living with incarcerated parents to gender equality to self-esteem.

After the films were screened, the audience was brought to a standing ovation. Audiences were particularly riveted by Cesar’s deeply personal film about being raised by a single mother who was in a gang and taking on the responsibility of caring for his siblings at an early age. (Watch Cesar’s short film here.)

“It felt really good not just for myself, but for my family to see it (my short film) to really see what I have accomplished and over the years what I am going to accomplish,” said Cesar.

When the lights came up, the students took the stage and shared their experiences of telling their stories through film and what it feels like to share their work in front of an audience.

My Place | My Story is a five-day intensive digital storytelling workshop where students learn how to tell their own stories using the medium of film. Film professionals teach students essential filmmaking skills including how to storyboard, use filmmaking equipment and edit their personal stories into short films.

Check out the all the My Place | My Story films here.

This program is made possible by the generous support of Fenwick Foundation, Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation and Italian Street Painting Marin.

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