Angie Young, Membership Manager since 2015

Angie is a lover of all things film, with a particular penchant for David Lynch, Jean Luc Goddard, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Stanley Kubrick, and the experimental stylings of filmmakers like Maya Deren, Stan Brackhage and erman. She likes her film criticism served Laura Mulvey-style and prefers analog to digital.  She came to the CalifornChantal Ackia Film Institute by way of Baltimore, MD, where she worked for as membership manager for Maryland Film Festival.  Angie also enjoys witty banter, transcendent moments in nature, cat videos and documentary filmmaking.

Doreen Aviv, Membership Associate since 2014

Me!Doreen has joined the CFI community in order to master the art of staying cool. Her guilty pleasure is taking pictures of her food.  She aspires to one day have a massive coffee mug collection. She’s BFF with Lena Dunham. Her favorite word is “Blurg”. She also spent a good amount of time in Israel…mostly taking pictures of her food.  She loves Charlie Chaplin, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and big fat english bulldogs.



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