Sounds of Wall-E

Screening of Wall-E
Presentation by Ben Burtt
$15 (CFI members & children $12)
Sunday, November 16, 3:00
It seems that Pixar Animation Studios outdo themselves with every film, and WALL-E is no exception. Directed by Andrew Stanton, and one of the year's most acclaimed films, this extraordinary animated feature combines comedy, romance and a stirring environmental message. Incidentally, it also managed to make a movie star out of a garbage-collecting robot. A share of the credit for WALL-E's stardom goes to Ben Burtt, the film's character voice designer and sound designer who played the voice of WALL-E himself. In this program, Burtt will present a special screening of the film and also take us into the process of creating sounds for the film. From demonstrating live sound effects and Foley dubbing to the electronic mixing and editing of sounds, Ben Burtt and some of his colleagues on the production will entertain and illuminate us. Ben Burtt is an Oscar-winning filmmaker best known for his sound and editorial work on the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series. This program includes the screening of WALL-E (98 minutes) surrounded by demonstrations by Ben Burtt and friends. Total program, including discussion, will exceed two hours.

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Playing at the Rafael Film Center
Nov 16 2008
Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center
1118 Fourth Street, San Rafael CA 94901
T 415 454 1222 E