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This candy-colored French homage to the playful romantic comedies of the 1950s stars Deborah Francois as Rose, a small-town girl from Normandy in 1958 who interviews with dashing insurance agent Louis (Romain Duris). As a secretary, she's a disaster, but as a typist she is a veritable savant... even with two fingers. With his inner sportsman awakened, the fiercely competitive Louis directs her to enter a speed-typing contest and coaches her relentlessly toward becoming the fastest typist in France- perhaps even the world! Also starring Berenice Bejo (The Artist), Populaire evokes a period that became a turning point in the working lives of women around the world with sly humor, colorful retro designs and spirited music. In French with English subtitles. Rated R for a scene of sexuality. Writers: Regis Roinsard, Daniel Presley, Romain Compingt. Director: Regis Roinsard. (France 2012) 111 min.

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Playing at the Rafael Film Center
Sep 13 2013 - Sep 26 2013
Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center
1118 Fourth Street, San Rafael CA 94901
T 415 454 1222 E rafaeltheater@cafilm.org