Something Unknown
is doing we don't know what

After experiencing a series of unexplainable events in a short period of time, Dutch filmmaker Renée Scheltema set out to explore psychic phenomena and find out if there are scientific bases for precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, psycho-kinesis and spiritual healing. In this documentary reminiscent of What the Bleep Do We Know?, Scheltema travels through the U.S. interviewing scientists, para-psychologists, psychologists, physicians, doctors and researchers, including professor Charles Tart, professor Gary Schwartz and Dr. Dean Radin. Along the way, she meets celebrities within the field, such as psychic detective Nancy Myer, author Arielle Ford and astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Many believe that science is verifying numerous kinds of connections - "mind to mind," "mind to body" and "mind to world"- and that psychic abilities could be part of our inherent nature. (US/Netherlands/South Africa 2009) 105 min.
Playing at the Rafael Film Center
Oct 21 2009 - Oct 29 2009
Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center
1118 Fourth Street, San Rafael CA 94901
T 415 454 1222 E