The Films of My Life - Sean Penn

Monday, May 4, 7:00
We all have films that are personal favorites. For professional filmmakers and artists, these treasures could be inspirations or influences... or they could simply provide warm comfort. During the Rafael's 5th anniversary, we asked some prominent filmmakers to present their special films. To celebrate our 10th, we have also approached writers and other artists. Inspired by French filmmaker François Truffaut, a lover of film who called his collected criticism The Films in My Life, this series emphasizes the emotional connection between the participants and the works they select.

Based on a novella by Ales Adamovich, Come and See takes place in 1942 during the German invasion of Belarus, where more than 600 villages were razed in brutal acts of genocide. Florya (played by 13-year-old Alexei Kravchenko) is a farm boy who joins a band of Russian partisans after his entire town is wiped out. The film's title is from Revelations, and Klimov truly made a drama of apocalyptic dimensions, conveying Florya's experiences with hallucinatory intensity. Sean Penn says of the film: " ... What I saw will stay with me forever; it is a masterpiece not only of filmmaking, but of humanity itself." With Olga Mironova, Lubomiras Lauciavicus. In Russian with English subtitles. (USSR, 1985) 142 min.

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Andrew Stanton, director of WALL-E (2008 Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature and nominated for five other Oscars) and Finding Nemo (2004 Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature and nominated for three other Oscars) will present a favorite film, title and date to be announced.

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May 4 2009
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