My Place | My Story

Stories About Where We Live

YOUTH AGES 12 to 18

Spend 5 days learning the art of Digital Storytelling




Workshop participants are chosen by local service agencies such as YMCA’s, community groups, schools and after-school programs. We work through what we call “adult allies” for referrals. Students will have the opportunity to write their own stories, record voiceovers, create their own music and use multimedia technology including Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and Microsoft word to create personal short videos. An array of professionals including storytellers, writers, theater directors, filmmakers and sound technicians will help the participants use digital storytelling tools to tell their own unique, stories through film in an almost 1-to-1 teaching ratio.

Teaching and editing facilities partners are Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco and the San Rafael Computer Clubhouse in Marin. We have also partnered with Oakland’s KTOP and will be partnering with Helms Middle School in Richmond.


The participants will be welcome to invite family and friends to their film’s World Premiere at a local theater or screening facility on the big screen. We have partnered with Zaentz Media Center in Berkeley, Brava Theater and 9th Street Film Center in San Francisco, as well as our own theater, the Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael to present the films. Digital stories will also be eligible for entry into the Mill Valley Film Festival’s Youth Reel. Many of the My Place films have been shown around the Bay Area and in other festivals.


  • Have a desire to tell a story about where you live.
  • Age 12 to 18 (some exceptions made on an individual basis).
  • Able to respect and cooperate with all participants at the workshop.
  • Attend all 5 days of the workshop and the evening orientation.

The program includes lunch for all 5 days of the workshop and transportation costs to workshop sites will be reimbursed.



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