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A Selection of Favorite Press Clippings:

North Bay Bohemian | 8/18/11
'In Our Name' turns the tables on military matrimony

San Rafael Patch | 8/12/11
In Review: 'Joanna,' 'Polish Bar'

Mill Valley Patch | 8/5/11
MVFF Unveils Children's Filmfest Lineup

J Weekly | 8/4/11
Jewish Film Festival Offering Showcases Heroic Efforts of a Jewish Newpaper Reporter

Marin Magazine | 8/3/11
Marin Magazine's Weekend Picks: SF Jewish Film Festival

Mill Valley Patch | 7/27/11
Food and Film Workshop Seeks Teens

Novato Patch | 7/26/11
The School to Career Partnership Program Going Strong for Marin Public High School Students

IndiaWest | 7/25/11
Ali Akbar Khan Documentary Coming to Mill Valley Film Fest

Variety | 7/23/11
Pic Series Explores Science on Screen

San Rafael Patch | 7/20/11
Smith Rafael Receives Grant to Bring Science to the Screen

Roxie Theater | 7/19/11
ROAD TO NOWHERE / Monte Hellman in Person / Hellman Retrospective

indieWire | 7/14/11
Coolidge Corner Theatre and Alfred P. Sloan's Science on Screen Picks Eight Cinemas

North Bay Bohemian | 7/13/11
Film Projection Goes Digital

7x7 | 7/11/11
Harry Shearer to Host San Rafael Screening of 'The Big Uneasy' Tonight

San Francisco Sentinel | 7/8/11
31st SF Jewish Film Festival

North Bay Bohemian | 7/6/11
Mann v. Ford

Marinscope | 7/1/11
'Tree of Life' Evokes Emotions, Big Questions and Confusion

indieWire | 6/23/11
31st SF Jewish Film Festival Announces Lineup

J Weekly | 6/23/11
From Tevye the Milkman to Krusty the Clown: S.F. Jewish Film Fest's Diverse Lineup

SF Chronicle | 6/23/11
'Mabul (The Flood)' to Open Jewish Film Festival

Marinscope | 6/22/11
Film Center Host of Benefit Screening

Mill Valley Patch | 6/20/11
Rafael Theater to Host All-Star Benefit Screening of 'The Cove'

J Weekly | 6/2/11
'Bride Flight' Soars with Youthful Hope in Postwar New Zealand

San Rafael/Terra Linda News Pointer | 5/26/11
San Rafael in Brief

Mill Valley Patch | 5/16/11
MVFF Lands Kabore to Head Cinema Africa Slate

Pacific Sun | 5/15/11
Talking Pictures: Brother's Keeper

indieWire | 5/2/11
How To Create A Thriving Arthouse Theater (Almost) Anywhere

San Francisco Chronicle | 4/25/11
Film Projectionist Makes Sure Picture is Perfect

San Rafael Patch | 4/11/11
Film Preaches Drinking Your Vegetables

San Francisco Chronicle | 4/8/11
'Poetry' Review: An Old Woman with a Poet's Heart

Pacific Sun | 3/11/2011
Oscar Challenge Winners

Haute Living | 3/1/2011
Olivia’s World: Oscar Night at California Film Institute

Diablo Magazine | 2/25/2011
Oscar Parties

Pacific Sun | 2/22/2011
The Pacific Sun Oscar Challenge!

SF Bay Times | 2/17/2011
The Mostly British Film Festival Tries to Save a Theater

J Weekly | 2/17/2011
Family life takes center stage in poignant ‘Nora’s Will’

Marin Independent Journal | 2/11/11
2011 Oscar Nominated Short Films

SF 360 | 2/7/2011
Mostly British Looks Beyond Speechifying Kings

99.3 WMMR | 2/7/2011
Metallica Frontman Appears In Film About Absent Fathers

Twin Cities Times | 2/2/2011
Community Briefs

Mill Valley Patch | 11/11/2010
Anna Halprin: A Life in Motion

Mill Valley Patch | 11/10/2010
MVFF Lands $25K Grant for Children's FilmFest

Pacific Sun | 9/17/2010
'Stranger' Than Jim Jarmusch - Indie Director Put a Spell On Audiences with Music That Doesn't 'Really Suck...

Marin Independent Journal | 9/17/2010
Paul Libertore: Talking Heads' Keyboardist Recalls When Artists Ruled New York

Pacific Sun | 9/10/10
Film: 'It Came from Kuchar' - Jennifer Kroot's movie paeanto a little-known legend...

Pacific Sun | 9/10/10
Best Bets - Wall of Spector

Marin Independent Journal | 9/9/2010
Paul Liberatore: Ode to cult filmmakers

Marin Independent Journal | 7/29/2010
Dad-daughter Film Team Makes Time To Go Back In Time

Pacific Sun | 7/9/2010
Feature: War - What Is It Good For?

San Francisco Chronicle | 6/25/2010
The Industry/Event to Salute Apartheid Foe

Marin Independent Journal | 6/24/2010
Documentary Explores Poet-pacifist's Stand On War

North Bay Bohemian | 6/23/2010
Reel Deal - California Film Institute Branches Out Into World of Film Distribution

San Francisco Chronicle | 6/10/2010
'The Prisoner of Zenda':Truly Special Effects

KQED Arts | 5/11/2010

San Francisco Chronicle | 4/25/2010
Great Pitch Got Ed Harris Into 'Touching Home'

San Francisco Chronicle | 4/23/2010
'Touching Home' Makes CFI a Distributor

Pacific Sun | 4/9/2010
Talking Pictures: Marx Soup

SF Gate | 4/1/2010
Anna Halprin's Lithe Life - Now Onscreen

Marin Independent Journal | 3/18/2010
Paul LIberatore: Mill Valley's Pianist's Performance at Competition for Amateurs Captured In Film

SF Gate | 3/3/2010
Gulping Movies and Swigging Cocktails

Pacific Sun | 2/26/2010
Throwing In the Troell

San Francisco Chronicle | 2/21/2010
Q&A with Jan Troell

San Francisco Chronicle | 2/21/2010
Reflections on Jan Troell

Pacific Sun | 2/12/2010
Oscar Contest: Duel In the Sun

KQED Arts | 2/4/2010
Mostly British Film Festival

San Francisco Chronicle | 2/5/2010
Bay Area Connections to Oscar Nominees

SF Gate | 1/29/2010
Film institute Forms Indie Distributor Division

Marin Independent Journal | 1/27/2010
No Waiting for Willard To Be Funny

Marin Independent Journal | 1/21/2010
A Marx Son Recalls His Comic Family

IndieWire | 1/20/2010
Fishkin Launches CFI Releasing 

Screen Daily | 1/20/2010
California Film Institute Launches Distribution Venture

Pacific Sun | 11/20/2009
Film: The Abstract-minded Professor - Editing Great Walter Murch Splices Philosophical at Rafael Film Center

San Francisco Chronicle | 11/13/2009
Walter Murch, His Art Honored In San Rafael

Marin Independent Journal | 11/11/2009
Tribute Showcases Pioneering Work In Films of Bolinas' Murch

Contra Costa Times | 10/30/2009
Oakland Filmmakers Go To the Dogs

KQED Arts | 8/26/2009
Sita Sings the Blues
Marin Independent Journal | 8/6/2009
Even Filmmaker Questions the Message of 'Audience'

Pacific Sun | 7/24/2009
One from the Heart - Local Winemaker Tries His Hand at Moviemaking...Francis Ford Coppola

Pacific Sun | 5/1/2009
Film: Going 'Solo' - Director Joe Wright's 'The Soloist', a Symphony from the Streets

Marin Independent Journal | 5/1/2009
Twins To Discuss 'Touching Home' Film

Marin Independent Journal | 4/24/2009
Silver Screens with Golden Memories

Marin Independent Journal | 4/24/2009
Making a scene: Smith Rafael Film Center has Brought Marin Glam, a World-class Film Fest and Indie Treasures for a Decade

Marin Independent Journal | 4/20/2009
Beth Ashley: Nostalgic Reminder That 'Defeat' Is Not the End of the World

Marin Independent Journal | 4/9/2009
Rafael Film Center Celebrates 10 Years of Looking Back, Forward

Pacific Sun | 4/3/2009
Feature: Celluloid Hero - The Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center Wraps Its First 10 Years as One of the Nation's Finest Art-House Cinemas

KQED Arts | 1/9/2009
Bay Area Documentaries: Selections from the Academy's Shortlist

Pacific Sun | 1/9/2009
Feature: Shattered 'Silence' - The Pacific Sun Talks with Robin Wright Penn About Her Career, Life In Marin and This Weekend's Presentation of 'The Greatest Silence' at the Rafael...

Marin Independent Journal | 1/1/2009
Paul Liberatore: Actress Robin Wright Penn Speaks Out Against Genocide In Africa


Watch Oscar Winning animator Brad Bird discuss the influence Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove had on him. This Q&A with CFI Executive Director Mark Fishkin happened as part of the
Films of My Life Series on August 19, 2009 at the Smith Rafael Film Center. (Videographer: Michael Lutman)

See the Miller twins at the Rafael on KGO-TV

Hear the Miller twins talk about Touching Home on KQED-FM’s Forum

CFI Congratulates Our Executive Director and Founder, Mark Fishkin
on Receiving the IFFS Director Award!

Mark Fishkin director and founder of the Mill Valley Film Festival, was recently given the Director Award at this year’s International Film Festival Summit, which was held in Las Vegas December 7-9, 2009. This prestigious industry accolade is presented to the film festival director who has made considerable contributions and a lasting impact on his film festival and independent film. Special emphasis for consideration is placed on festival growth, new programs, organizational structure and overall vision. 
 “It is such an honor to be nominated by my peers in the film festival and entertainment industry,” said Fishkin. “I want to accept this award not only for myself, but for my dedicated staff and board of directors. Film festivals continue to play a very important role in bringing communities together and opening up significant dialogue about a full range of issues, from pure entertainment to tackling social issues that can impact entire societies and the world. Film festivals also share a vital symbiotic relationship with independent films in particular, since they are in many cases the only venues where such films can be seen and appreciated.”

 The awards were presented by actor Ernie Hudson.


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